Green Screen

Explore how to use a Green Screen to create remarkable special fx like the professionals. We bring Green Screens, lighting and all tools needed to put your students into pictures or videos. Teachers – learn how to use a Green Screen to engage your students in their lessons!


Language is the basis of all communication – learn Scratch, HTML, Javascript, UNIX, App Inventor, Micro:Bit, Osmo and more! Discover how to bring these basic languages to life and interact with everyday objects. The Internet of Things is coming – be prepared!


Bricks, blocks, building – wheels, wedges, WeDo. Combine engineering, programming and electronics to introduce students to computational thinking in a fun and engaging way.


Using different programming platforms – learn how to build and control robots. Projects are scalable using different languages. Scratch, Java, Sphero, OhBot, Lego WeDo, Raspberry Pi, Micro:Bit, Hummingbird, Drones and more!


An excellent educational tool for any subject! We design and run a Breakout session which involves solving a series of puzzles – logical, mathematical, internet and locally based – in order to open a series of locks. The locks are key, directional, numerical and text based… in order to get the prize!

Stop-Motion Animation

Make a short film by combining everyday objects and materials in a frame-by-frame basis. Make an interactive flip book or movie using claymation, cutout animation, household appliances or anything – imagination is the only limit!

Cardboard Engineering

Cut things out, screw things together… the basics of engineering with the most basic of materials – cardboard. We bring materials for students to put together to learn how to make houses, bridges, shapes, and geodesic domes!


We work with your students (and you!) to create craft projects that are reusable year to year. Ojos de Dios, origami, edible paint, baking, matchstick making, mask making, jewellery, flexagons, cooking, fabric, S.T.E.M. challenges and more!

Computer Hardware / Software

Learn the basics of computers. Understand how hardware, and software work together. See the internal components and how they work. Explore system software, file structures and file types. Discover the basics of networking both wired and wireless.

Photography & Videography

Learn about taking still photographs and how to use a video camera. F-Stops, lenses, aperture settings, depth of field and more. It’s not all just point and shoot! Get students involved in the editing process with black & white images as well as colour correction.

Motion Projects

Sticks, marshmallows, elastic bands, batteries, tape, uncooked spaghetti, clips, clamps, motors, machines, gears, wire and other unusual objects. We show you how to combine these into Engineering, Science and Technology projects.

Balloon Blasts

Explore energy, motion, force, pressure, speed and velocity using balloons. Inflate and deflate. Accelerate and decelerate. Setup and run experiments using balloons in many different ways. Boats, cars, racing, jousting and lifting… and of course… popping!