This Project has now completed. Many thanks to all those who helped and supported us along the way.

Check back regularly for new Projects and updates!

Our current major project is The Ginormous Geodesic Dome. It incorporates all aspects of S.T.E.A.M. and is an excellent example of maker-led project-based education. We have already developed and built both a small-scale (2’ diameter) and medium-scale (5’ diameter) version of a Geodesic Dome. The medium-scale version has been exhibited at the ICT in Education conference in Thurles; Dublin Maker; European Maker Week in Ireland and a number of schools in Kerry, Mayo, Tipperary, Dublin, Limerick and Cork.

We would now like to expand the project to a 15′ version – and to this end we have applied to MakerFaire Rome (2018.makerfairerome.eu/en/) to demonstrate The Ginormous Geodesic Dome Project there. Amazingly – our project has been accepted!

MakerFaire Rome is the largest MakerFaire in Europe with 250,000 people viewing the projects there over 3 days. One-fifth of the Exhibition Centre will be dedicated to the Educational Sector and over 750 projects from 40 countries and all EU member states will be represented – including Ireland.

Our desire is to create The Ginormous Geodesic Dome Project to exhibit it at MakerFaire Rome as well as tour it around Ireland in the coming academic 2018-2019 school year. The Ginormous Geodesic Dome Project will be a 15’ diameter version which will allow us to bring it to schools to demonstrate and hold workshops inside the dome itself. To this end, we are seeking sponsorship from you in one of the following tiers:

• Click HERE to download our PDF info pack.

Copper – €100.00

We will send you our love, thanks, appreciation and very best wishes. Your kind support allows us to provide 21st Century teaching to teachers and fun, engaging workshops to students – Thank You Very Much!

Bronze – €250.00

You will receive the heartfelt appreciation of the Copper Tier and we will include your organisations name, logo and branding (or whatever you like) on all our printed literature as well as on the Sponsors Page on our website.

Silver – €500.00

You will receive the Copper and Bronze Tiers and this also will be accompanied by an amazing fancy printed t-shirt and printed tote bag so you’ll be the envy of all your friends. The tote is one size only, but we will supply the t-shirt to any size.

Gold – €1000.00

You will receive the Copper, Bronze & Silver Tiers and in addition we will print and display your name and logo on a banner which will accompany The Ginormous Geodesic Dome to Rome and all conferences, schools and events.

Platinum – €2000.00

You will receive the Copper, Bronze, Silver & Gold Tiers and in addition to this, we will come and provide a FREE workshop of your choice at your chosen venue or nominated school.

Other – Service or Materials

It may be that you offer a service or sell materials and would like to help out in a non-monetary way.

We gratefully accept any donations of materials, time or services you may offer.

Please contact us to have a chat.