Daily archives: 11/06/2020

A 3D wreath using amended mette units

Now that you have mastered the basic wreath using modular mette units you can try out a variation. By making a small change to how you fold the units you can turn your flat wreath into a 3D version. For this project you will need 12 squares of paper. If […]

Stop Motion Part 2

What do you need: An Idea! A device to capture the idea Software on the device Patience 1. The Idea! Look around you, what do you see, now make it move. Anything, what’s the first thing that grabs your eye. Keep it simple. 2. A Device Mobile phone or Tablet, […]

Orgami wreath using mette units

Continuing our series of origami tutorials we will show you how to fold a mette unit and using 16 of these units we will then make a wreath or disc. All you need to get started are 16 squares of paper. We use 10cm squares but you can use any […]